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We create wow!

We create wow!

Pro-quality, eco-friendly Crinkle crafted to secure, cushion, and leave a lasting impression.

Spring-Fill® loose-fill Crinkle Cut™, Very Fine™, and Monster Crinkle™ shreds are manufactured to take an impact and designed to make an impact. Our void fill offers numerous solutions for distributors, retailers, and curators.

Illustration of a marked “fragile” bursting with pink Crinkle
Illustration of a marked “fragile” bursting with pink Crinkle
Image of an open box from Kneed & Nod
Image of an open box from Kneed & Nod
An Eco-friendly icon

We are the future of fill.

We have 30 years of best-in-class leadership, partnership support, and service as the leading eco-friendly, loose-fill manufacturer in North America.

It all starts with sustainable paper and the perfect balance of recycled content. In our custom color-capable Ink Kitchen, our paper is infused with ultra-vivid, non-toxic dyes that ensure Spring-Fill® is as environmentally safe as it is pet- and people-safe.

Those are only a few ways sustainable Spring-Fill® makes creating wow easy—and sending some even easier.

How can we wow you?

Illustration of a Zooming truckIllustration of a Zooming truck

Need pro-quality Crinkle in bulk, at-scale?

Illustration of bags of CrinkleIllustration of bags of Crinkle

Looking for ready-to-stock bags to fill your shelves?

Illustration of a giftboxIllustration of a giftbox

Want to ship securely and enhance your brand?

Creating a custom look for an impact that’s uniquely you? Let's make it together.

With Spring-Fill®, there’s no box we can’t fill—because Spring-Fill® makes every box feel full.